Ethiopia Koke


12 oz.

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A truly beautiful honey processed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee, imported by our friends at Ally Coffee. The Koke station stands on the side of a hill, with coffee grown above and below the station. For the last three years, the Koke station managers have been separating out the higher elevation cherries for Ally, and the quality clearly shows. 96 small scale farmers provided cherries to Koke this harvest most of them multigenerational family farmers. Producers plant maize and enset food crops as well as coffee, with Biribira, Acacia, and Cordia Africana used as shade trees. Temperatures in the area range from 11.38⁰C to 25.57⁰C and annual rainfall is 1525 mm.

The Koke Honey process begins with coffee dried for two days in cherries, as in the Natural Process, and is then depulped and dried on raised beds. The extra time the mucilage is in contact with the beans adds fruity flavors to the cup profile.

This coffee is stunning as a filter coffee, and offers a very nice single origin espresso as well! We taste Jasmine, Peach, Blueberry.