Brazil Sitio Vera Cruz


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This beautiful coffee from Brazil hails from Carmo de Minas, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. It grown on Sitio Vera Cruz, a small 5
hectare farm. Celso Marcelino de Souza Junior is the owner of this farm, and he has done a fabulous job with this coffee. It was part of the Carmo Best Cup 2017, and placed #12 out of 750 offerings! We are very proud to present this coffee to you, and know that you will enjoy every mouthful! Many thanks to the hard work put into this coffee Celso Marcelino de Souza Junior!

Sitio Vera Cruz sits at 1350 MASL, and the coffee we purchased is a natural process, Red Catuai. Expect a very nice coffee, with lots of floral and cherry notes, sweet, caramel, with a dusting of macadamia tickling the palate.